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Perfect Pet

I really, really want a pet.
I think it would be so much fun!
But because I'm not eight yet,
Mommy says I'm still too young.
If I could have just one wish
I know what it would be for...
I would wish for one little fish,
Or maybe two or three more.
Well...a fish would be nice, that's true,
But maybe a puppy would be better!
Cause there's not much a fish can do,
and a puppy would be my friend forever!
But a puppy wouldn't stay a puppy!
Pretty soon he'd be as big as me.
Maybe I should wish for a pet monkey
And together we could climb tall trees!
Or I could wish for a dolphin.
He could live in my swimming pool.
I would teach him to jump and spin -
It would be my very own dolphin school!


I don't know how to swim.
And I'm not allowed to climb tall trees.
A puppy needs a lot of attention.
And a fish's bowl would need to be cleaned.
I think I need to think a little bit more
Before I decide on what to get.
Cause there's so much I could wish for,
And I want the perfect pet!
So, maybe I should wait,
Until I'm a few years older,
That way, when I do turn eight,
I will have though this thing over.

by Elizabeth Nelson

Comments (2)

A really great poem Elizabeth. You really made me smile and you show a lot of talent. I hve 6 dogs and 5 cats, so pets are great. Guess I like dogs best, they really love back.
Dear Elizabeth, Good poem. Simple but great. Best wishes, Sukumar