Perfect Tense Er Sense...

One day while swilching under an inverted Ocean in the middle of deep
dark Africa, I met a squilch who had lost their gronk.

As I rotated into a position not previously held by her I asked it what
the problem was and they responded: Trying to go forth from whence you
came by prececing each footstep with the one that came after it will
surely create a large cloud of dust over the water to clear this matter
right up. Unfortunately however, mud and water usually create a mess and
therefore may not be a viable alternative. Instead, we should locate the
position from which the previously undetermined and aforementioned article
had last been seen. 0h, I articulated, I need to reverse my spin and
approach his problem from the copper direction. With glee in my voice,
I noted that her laced ends were on backwards.

Oh, he said, you mean that if your preposition comes after our
participle and a proper alignment of polynomial factors exceeds the
exponential logarithm by taking into account the moment of inertia
around the circumfrence of an irregular polymorphism then the specific
gravity of nitrogen which accounts for eighty percent of the atmosphere
can cause a one meter metallic sphere of unknown origin to just float
over the waves exploading into the gronk? (Thus making its hitherfore
previously undetermined whereabouts an oximorion.)

Precisly I said. Now that I have made yourself so abundantly
understandable in the face of such obvious philosophic discourse.

Would you mind explaining it to me?

(C) 1/2/1979

by Walter Killeen

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