Perfect Vanity

…And the wind was, whispering a tune,
Hoping for the rain to come soon,
Because I’ve lost myself in the crowd,
As it swallows me in like the waves of an ocean, taking me down,
Going blind with insanity,
Watching people die for the perfect vanity,
And a bird quiets down as the hunter’s bullet pierces its feathered heart,
If all good things come to an end why do they start?
The thunder rumbles in warning of its return,
Fires blaze in the distances silent screaming forests burn,
Gravity pulls me to my knees,
Begging for it to stop, “Mercy! Mercy! ”
As people stare thinking I’m insane,
They walk on without a, “what’s your name? ”
Because they are blind with insanity,
They are dying for the perfect vanity,
A home is now only a house,
A cat devours an innocent mouse,
And the world moves on blind to death,
Blind to the kids in alleys doing weed and crystal meth,
As the skies quietly go gray, trying to drown my sorrows in rain,
Because my tears weren’t enough to numb the pain,
And children want to be beautiful and like their perfect dolly,
As the homeless walk around with an empty trolley,
But the happy are the ones with an empty heart,
Because their smiles were fake and there “heart” is a mere hole, so dark,
And a leaf falls from a tree not getting too far,
Wiped away with a windshield on a motorized car,
As speed takes people where they need to go,
Hiding from them the truth, the stories they need to know,
And the “cool” guy steps over that once exquisite rose,
What a beautiful plant it could have grown into, but he’ll never know,
Closing my eyes against the eternal pain,
I put the gun to my head again,
As I drown in my crimson blood and I have no more problem to fix no more deals to be dealt,
And the world moves on without giving a thought to help,
Because the have gone blind with insanity,
And they think I have died for the perfect vanity,
Never will they know I needlessly donated my blood to the green grass,
So I wouldn’t have to watch their perfect vanity shatter like glass,
…And now the wind whispers me a lullaby,
Because no one bothered to say good bye,
And a little girl stares at the world passing her by with unbearably painful speed, crying for their insanity,
And they think she’s crying for her perfect vanity…

by Jasleen Sangha

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