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Perfect Words
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Perfect Words

I want to say the perfect words
That will send us in motion
I want to convey that my heart
Is currently thinking of you
I want to know when I can say
What is on my mind
I just want to say it to you
Alone with the night
The stars twinkling bright
Maybe it is now or never
Because twinkle, twinkle
You’re a star and I wonder
Where you are
You’re the only star
That I want to look at
You’re the only star
Worth looking at
I mean this sincerely
Because I can be sincerely yours
If you’ll be sincerely mine
I am hypersensitive to your beauty
I am chemically dependent
To your presence
I haven’t had it this way too often
And it has never gotten far
But now I want to go the distance
Will you travel it with me?

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