Perfected Deception

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

A prolonged stimulus,
Packaged to delay...
A masked betrayal.

To produce to loan,
From nothing one owns...
Provides a deeper digging done,
To convince more credit will lift everyone...
From a hole!
That will not be closed.
Until the truth is told.

And truth has never been a commodity,
For sale to be sold!

A prolonged stimulus,
Packaged to delay...
A masked betrayal.

With the hopes that time...
Offering less to those who whine,
Will find an acceptance.
As a way of life is slowly erased...
By a perfected deception,
That has come to take its place.

And minds have adapted,
To being entrapped.
With beliefs that a fleecing done...
Will satisfy the bitter taste,
Experienced by those...
Who have had their standards and values,
Come abruptly to a close!

As greed is stopped.
And open gates locked.

With an understanding...
This choice for them was one they chose.
And the ecstasy that teased delusions...
For them has been forever blocked.

'Will you please pass the escargot? '

Find your own snails!
Their all over the beach!

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