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If Asked to: :
Describe all mankind in common

How would you / could you?

Is there anything that all mankind has in common?

No all love – hate – worship – eat – live or even dream the same

With that being said You tell me If I did not do just that in 1991 I wrote this


I can't take it anymore.

Governments, Countries,

Husbands, Wife's, Brother's Sisters, Boyfriend, Girlfriends.

Every one keeping score,

You're like this.

You're like that.

You did this.

You did that.

Everybody keeping score,

Playing all their little games nothing changes it stays the same.

I thought we were put here to love.

But an Eagle landed instead of a dove.

We were born in a beautiful state,

Then man turns it to an ugly fate.


And turned this world into a Battle field.

Men against women.

Women against men.

Why can't we all just live his dream?

Living life so peaceful and serene.

I just wish they would stop keeping


Now I ask of you

How many of you closed that door

How many of you keep score

How many – You're like this – you're like that – You did this - you did that

Stay away want nothing to do with you

How many of you shut that door

How many mistakes did you make before the door was closed on you

We are all human and we all make mistakes

We can all learn and change if given time and proper education

Can you relate – Did I blow you off your feet

Have a great day Jeff

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i agree, david. says something we all need to hear.