Perfection Ain'T An Option

Just an observation...

When speaking on society and against it's darkness
That's in no way excluding one from being a human
It's embracing the Light and potential for a greater good for the whole
But we're all human
Though we're striving to be a part of the solution
The flesh tries to get in the way of that
Just like Romans 7: 21
I can never be perfect but I can and will continue to pursue what's right
And I do know the Perfect One
Who guides me...
Never should we portray anything unnatural
I would rather embrace my imperfect self and sleep peacefully than
Trying to seem flawless
It's impossible
Let us live life and be comfortable with who/what we are
But don't expect society to accept that
For if you don't behave the same as it behaves
It won't accept that as you being you
Be you regardless
Can't no stranger tell you who you are
Society and satan are synonymous
And satan doesn't 'know' you but he knows 'of' you
And all he knows 'of' you is the lies he's trying to impose upon you
Only God 'knows' you and only Godly things accepts you for who you are
That's something to understand
Continue to embrace the Light and don't stay silent in the face of evil
That's conformity
Society won't like you anyways because it's satan
If you be quiet and become dark it will love you
But then what will change though?
Ain't no acting here
This called living life and learning
And trying to make a difference
Satan, go to hell...
You won't stop God's plan!
You will never make me stop being who I am
To be your 'idea' of who I should be!
You will never make me conform!
I rebuke you
Satan is a liar
Christ is the way!
Let us expose darkness and satan's lies by speaking truth against them
We shall rise up every time!
The aim ain't to be perfect but to not accept the ills of society (satan)
For they are corrupting and killing unknowing souls!
Satan's accusations shall burn in hell with him
Stay committed
All glory to God!

by Dexsta Ray

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stay committed, thanks, good one.