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Poem By C.J. Heck

I’m coming, my love.
I can hardly wait to see you again,
high on wonderful feelings
as I am…

your magnificent body
molded to perfection,
as if for my eyes only…

inhaling your rich scent,
my body melded with yours,
feeling your power and strength
as we move as one …

now, if the damn salesman
will only come down another thousand,
or maybe give me a little more
for my trade-in…
you'll be mine

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Comments (5)

Freakin A! Got me that time. lol S
CJ What can I say The title is an omen Of what to expect from this poem (Groan!) With love Denis Joe
I'm always looking for a lower price but I take what I can get.
You got me! ----
lol... I love it -Eila