Perfectly Imperfect For Me

Poem By Olivia Braun

I don’t want someone perfect…I don’t want someone who has it all
I dont want the shiniest tresure in the chest, I don’t want the best
I don’t want something that everyone wants, I don’t want a trophie
I want someone who is full of flaws, you know the ones that always trip and fall
Their hair isnt always in the right place, and they always make the weirdest face
Their style is their own, and they don’t demand to be placed on a thrown
They laugh at you, and all they do… Their lesser moments show how great they are
The way they cheer you up is something only they can do…
You don’t need a map to read them, you don’t need to be perfect to please them
It not to settle, its not to get the easy mark… Its wanting something that has a heart
The ideal of perfection is the stupidest thing around
To be perfect is to be personless…
It’s the mistakes, and being out of place that makes us who we are…
I don’t want it all… I want all someone is
Imperfectly perfect for me.

Comments about Perfectly Imperfect For Me

I love this. Really, it's great. The idea and the execution are just spot on. We all seem to be hooked on the media driven idea of the 'perfect' marriage, relationship, lover, friend, etc. All utter tosh, of course. Well written.

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