LT ( / Santa Maria, California)

Perfectly Invincible

In this broken mess
when all else has failed
and I'm drawn to my weakest point
it is then that I look up
see your face and stop
and know that in your will
there is a plan for even this.
So I wipe away my tears
and brush away my fears
because in this time
Your strength overcomes all of mine.
and I'm made perfectly invincible
only because of you.
Now I've stumbled to the ground
and all around me the world is pressing in
longing to come in and destroy
the only life I've left within
So I take a breath of you
and rise up from the earth
so long I've lain in
and this filth is cleansed from me.
Because I've been made perfectly invincible
Your strength is undeniable
because I shouldn't be breathing
But your grace found a way that I could.
Oh Lord I am weak
But raise me to my feet and help me stand
Lord help me breathe again.

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