Perfume 'Alarm'

As she walked through the door
the perfume filled the room
everyone turned their head
how could they ignore

the perfume that she wore
was a little hardcore
everyone swore
she wouldn't get in any more

on the secound floor was a back door
so she dared to come in for more
I think she is going to do some harm
So some-one Please pull the smell 'alarm'

by David Darbyshire

Comments (4)

A little dab of something classy behind the ear works well for me. But I had a good laugh at this poem - I can imagine your lady with something cheap and cheerful splashed liberally all over her, and the reaction of others! Love, Fran xx
Omigosh, I hear you loud n' clear and I'm smelling her from here! ... Why, why, why do women (and not a few men!) wear their scent so 'loudly'? ? ? Gag... Why wear perfume when the scent of clean(ish) skin is the best nature has to offer? ! Cute poem, Dave!
Funny Dave, good one! Patricia
hahah. David, very good comic relief write.