I took a trip last weekend
And you were at my side.
Perhaps, you never thought of me.
What feelings did I hide?

Perhaps, I should have spoken.
What soul did I ignore?
Were you the one I needed so
And lost forever more?

As I cannot know the truth,
It ran from me again.
I guess I'll journey out once more.
Perhaps, I'll see you then.

I'll need another placement.
Perhaps, one next to you.
The reader of this poemed soul,
The heart, it's written to.


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simply charming. words of what could have been or could still be. perhaps, if... certain aspects were in order. perhaps, if... the stars were aligned accurately. words so thought provoking and daydreamy.
We hide our feelings to protect our heart. Once hurt...once burned...with no desire to touch that fateful flame again... Hugs, Dee
wonderful luminous write
I'll need another placement Perhaps, one next to you. The reader of this poemed soul The heart it is written to. You want to be next to 'that' reader of this poemed soul, perhaps - you pour out your heart to this soul, perhaps it's the heart it is written to - yes indeed, that's a new placement. Perhaps. This left my eyes unblinking, searching. This is good, good, very good. When you open up your poem for voting, perhaps, so your soul won't be next to the wrong heart, you will get a 10 from me.
Very enigmatic expression...too good. sathya narayana
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