Poem By Olga Z. Wakal

If it is true as Darwin states
Same species can new species make.
A molecule holds a simple code
And delivers it to a new abode. Four chemicals is all it actually takes
And all four must have different shapes.
Billions of letters will spell out a creature
And cell division will determine it's features. If creatures bubble up in lava from the ocean
And mutations put the whole cycle in motion,
I can only wonder from whence Lava started?
Maybe from another planet it was somehow parted. If another planet was doomed and destructed
And scattered it's debris and it's Lava ejected,
Would it keep bubbling and turning
And become a sun that keeps burning? Would this sun attract, consume and grow in size?
Would the molecules hang on and refuse to demise?
Would the cells mutate into new life forms?
Perhaps this is the way a new world is born.

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I always wonder about the origin of the races.
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I wonder if everyone wonders as I do.
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