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Perhaps A Minor Poetaster At Best

I never said to you I was a poet
Or even one of minor literary note
Perhaps a minor poetaster at best
At writing poetry I have failed the test.

Though my rhymes seem uneven and rough
I have written a whole heap of stuff
My better days may be long gone
But the jingles in me jingle on.

Some I know to me often say
When will you give penning away
But to them I never do lie
I say 'twill be on the day that I die.

I pen doggerel every day
With rhyming words I love to play
Don't ask me I wouldn't know why
But my rhymes seem for to multiply

I do not write for money or fame
Though those two do seem nice just the same
And though others my rhymes don't recite
'Tis because of a penning addiction I do write.

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