(Jan.10 1985 / Martin, Kentucky)

Perhaps An Inevitable Bonding

It pulls me.
Softly, coveting my heart,
Making its slithering mist.
A voice of insanity,
It permeates through my head.

It Awakens.
Silently, feeling my skin,
Wielding its voice like a cist.
A breath of certainty,
It sinks through my brain.

It tears me.
Simply, reaching my soul,
Drifting its cunning wrist.
A taste of fatality,
It rips through my senses.

It Moves.
Swiftly, taking my hope,
Griping its unyielding fist.
A touch of reality,
It rises through my body.

It knows me.
Slowly, lowering my defense,
Realizing it’s time to exist.
A forge of bonding,
It lives through my pain.

It Sees.
Savagely, perceiving my lies,
Making its raging list.
A chain of disgust,
It lingers through my feelings.

It is me.

by Candice Renae Williams

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