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Perhaps He'Ll Never Again

Perhaps he'll never again on a sunlit evening in May
Cimb and stand on the hill above the woodland from here so far away
And watch and hear the brown lark singing a small speck in the sky
The songster of the mountain to sing he has to fly,
A man from the northern mountains the years have left him gray
It surely can be said of him he has known a better day
He never fathered children he never had a wife
But he is not short of women they still play a big part in his life
Three with three score and ten years four decades past his prime
We all do become victims of the thing that's known as time
Yet he does seem in very good shape for one of seventy three
He looks far younger and fitter and healthier than me
But lately with a few drinks in I recall I heard him say
That he will never climb again on the old hill far away.

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