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Perhaps I Am Addictive

I do it for enjoyment but not for fame or pay
And some I consider wise even tell me that I should give it away
That I've written heaps of doggerel for one far more than enough
But their advice by me not heeded I keep on penning stuff.

Perhaps I am addictive as many in their own ways are
For to find an addictive person one need not travel far
I have been penning doggerel since I was in my prime
And I am one addicted to penning of slipshod rhyme.

They tell us poets are born not made and poets as ever rare
And that poets are few and far between in the bigger World out there
Their's is a valid point of view those who speak and think in this way
And on poets and poetry there is truth on what they have to say.

I do it for enjoyment and not for wealth and fame
For penning verse at least for me is a hungry belly game
Perhaps I am addictive there are many more like me
Who were unlucky enough to be born with an addictive personality.

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