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Perhaps I Am Just A Poetaster

Perhaps i am just a poetaster i used to daydream i would be a poet
But nowadays i even feel relieved that i am not one of literary note
I feel happy i have never been shortlisted for any big literary prize
I am satisfied at being a rhymer of late i have come to realize
That i am not worthy of literary honors though i am one who loves to pen rhyme
Though my sort they did have their moments way back there in a long gone time
There seems to be very few rhymers among the poetic greats of today
Time with it does always bring changes as the wise are known for to say
As a young man i daydreamed of literary renown but daydreams for few do come true
From life it is said we receive what happens for to be our due
I feel happy just to be a rhymer just one of the not too well known
I would hate to be wealthy and famous since they do not have lives of their own
I am just your average rhymer one who loved reading rhymes as a boy
And as an ageing male in my seventies penning jingles is a thing i enjoy.

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