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Perhaps I May Never Again See Duhallow

Perhaps i may never again see Duhallow
I left there years ago my life's dreams for to follow
On a gray day in an afternoon of early December
It was cold wet and windy as i do remember

The last brown leaves of the year from their deciduous trees falling
As i went off to follow the wanderlust's calling
The rain drizzling down from a sky heavily clouded
And the Boggeraghs from view by the gray fogs were shrouded

Cold wind through Duhallow from Sliabh Luachra blowing
And the Blackwater bank high in the old fields was flowing
On through north Cork as ever in motion
On it's long winding journey to the Atlantic ocean

The ties that had bound me i had chosen to sever
And the past it has gone it is in the forever
I left old Duhallow in wintery weather
When the hare had come down from the bracken and heather

The cattle in the farmyard sheds for fodder did bellow
A memory of leaving in a foreign bound fellow
To the lust of the wander i did not have the strength of resistance
I do envy the stay at home happy in their sedentary existence

I left the old fields though memories of them me did follow
And in reality i may never more see Duhallow
Rain drizzling from the gray clouds today i remember
That cold, windy and wet day in early December.

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