DW ( / Covington Kentucky)

Perhaps...Just Perhaps


Perhaps… one should feel
The peal of tiny bells
Or perhaps sense
the velvety tinkle
Of wind chimes

Perhaps…close one's eyes
In the darkness delve into
The deep wells and
The mysteries of time

Perhaps…we should imagine
The wee space
Pon' which flowers perform
Their daily drama
They display Pon Nature's stage

Perhaps…feel the motion
Of individual atoms
or oceans…
Mayhaps sense the colors
Of emotions raw rage

Perhaps…one should open
One's imagination's eyes
To open their minds
And realize

Perhaps…there's a perverse irony
In the mind of man
That e'en with eyes op'ed wide
He sees so little…
So much less
Than he really can

Perhaps…just perhaps
If one would loosen mind's binds
One could clearly see
Perhaps into the cosmos
And into the mind of God
Let imagination run free

Perhaps….Just perhaps
…It could be…


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