Perhaps One Of The Very Worst Sins

Perhaps one of the very worst sins one could name
Men's crimes against women a Worldwide shame
In parts of the World women are raped, beaten and abused by men every day
Yet the offenders for their crimes are never made for to pay

Far too many women at the hands of callous males have suffered and died
In Countries ruled by oppressive regimes where rights to women are denied
Where women to speak out for their rights are silenced by fear
Sad to say far too much of this we do read of and hear

Where women feel too scared to venture out at dark
To walk in the streets or in the public park
Where a crime against a woman is not seen as a serious crime
And where few males convicted of rape ever do serve jail time

In some Countries it is the husband's right to beat and rape his wife
This looked on as normal in everyday life
Where women are treated as second class citizens it does seem sad to say
That for serious crimes against them too few men are made to pay.

by Francis Duggan

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