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Perhaps To Just Exist...
TC (7/26/94 / Memphis, TN)

Perhaps To Just Exist...

Perhaps the best things in life
Aren't the joys of Love
Or the Pursuit of Happiness
Or even the fact of living life.

Perhaps the single-most greatest act
You can do for someone
Is to Exist
To be there when they suddenly realize
That they need you right then

To listen without ever having to say a word
To just acknowledge, respect, and pass on by
Perhaps it's the quiet things that make the strongest
Impression on someone
Perhaps it's the things unanswered

Perhaps it's just smiling and silently saying
'Tomorrow is a new day'
But you mustn't ask the World
To change and you mustn't
Bend to its likings

Perhaps it's just the lone fact
That you must establish your individuality
Perhaps the World might see this and follow
Your way
And maybe we'll learn that living
In general has no price tag on it

Perhaps there's only one when you give up on living
And sink into your depression
Yet our lives can be seen more
Then just terminal objects

Every accomplishment we've ever made
Since our birth
Every bitter end's meet we've witnessed
Or gone through
Perhaps has just defined us to be who we are

We are not valuable
As by price
But priceless
By the desired will
To see one another
Just Exist

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