Poem By Valsa George

Youth, having deserted them long ago
They had little to look for in life
Than making the remaining days joyful
So the octogenarians- Tom and Sam
Together formed an intimate league
Every day, they would, without fail
Meet at the country park in the evenings
A ritual, they had religiously followed
And enjoyed more than anything else
There they would sit … chatting for hours
Sometimes feeding the pigeons that landed in flocks
Or watching the children’s mirthful play
Or feasting on the beauty of the setting sun

One day Tom didn’t show up as before
Sam conjectured, he was unwell
As days passed with no news of him
Sam felt anxious and lonelier than before
But having no means to contact him
And not knowing where he lived
He suppressed his commotion inside
As time moved on its grinding wheel,
Sam slowly grew reconciled to the fact
That he had lost a bosom friend
Whom he would never again see

But one day as a bolt from the blue
Tom made his appearance at the park
So excited Sam was on seeing his friend
He asked what had happened to him
Tom replied calmly- “I had been in jail”

“Jail – What in the world for”? ?
Sam couldn’t hide his shock n’ wonder

“Well”- Tom asked “Don’t you remember
That cute little waitress at the coffee shop
Where sometimes together we would go”?
Rummaging his memory, Sam dug out her face.

“Once having grown a little amorous
I had flirted with her for a little while
But she filed a rape charge against me!

At eighty nine, I felt so proud
That when I got into the court
I pleaded guilty, and that damn judge
Gave me 30 days of imprisonment…. for…… PERJURY”!

Comments about Perjury

A fabulous poem from a fabulous poet! End is amazing. May Valsa keep writing, is my humble wish!
Well penned hilarious poem on the old timers prowess claim to fame. Thank you Valsa for making me laugh out loud.10+
Ha ha ha! ! valsa this is crazy.. I would love to meet either Tom or Sam.. perhaps could prove the waitress wrong... I'm laughing all the way...Love it.. I read your note. you made me curious about Edwards and Daniels poems. Will read them.....
Besides giving me hope yu have also made my day brigter. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.-10
Am looking for that waitress so I too can be a little manly in my senility! (10)

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