Perky Nipples

The wonders of a sheer white blouse,
far from the safety of your house.
It’s time to trash that old brassiere
and go without, forget the fear.

This is what happens, dressed like this,
shoulders back, in feminine bliss.
People behold with much delight,
your perky nipples through the white.

Off to the grocery store you go
The freezer section; don’t ya know?
Where boys hang out to see the show,
of perky nipples as they grow.

Like little cherries poking through
Your lovely cleavage with a view.
You strut your stuff and bounce along
your perky nipples sing a song.

The boys will think that you’re the best.
With perky nipples on your chest.

by Amera Andersen

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you know what men see and think...