Permanent Ink

Inside my heart
your name i wrote
with a kind of ink
that can never be erased

That ink is made of memories
and it will remain inside
both with pain and gladness
but it will never fade away

Ive written it one by one
Each letter represent those times
When i caught a glimpse of your smile
Because i've made you happy

Ive tried erasing it several times
Covering it with so many other names
Only to find out that the ink i made
can never be erased
It always reveal an unblemished name
that's yours

Although i know that i should have done
something to make it fade
Nothing seems to work out right
The questions right now are,
Should i just leave it here?
Will it fade away by itself someday?

I wanna know how to erase it
But i cant find the right thing to do
Maybe, its because..
The truth is~
I made the ink permanent
Because i never want any other name
written on my heart..

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, , , , , , , , love is as helpless as it is strong.....
when a heart is pure and love is divine it will always stay in your heart Till you die. Nice sweet! ! ! ! Cate