Permission To Be Promiscuous

Its as though I’ve passed a door,

With permission to be promiscuous,

Love, sex, and all my roles I renew,

In my new found zest!

The usual rules and society’s fools,

Are all totally left off!

I live in a new plane of reality,

Just me and those I let on

So explore I do, the world around me

Attracting friend and foe

Wondering at this person they see

Who was passionately, let go

Vows and covenants don’t bind me anymore

Fear has lost its constraints

I feel the sun warmly,

As winter now has waned

The old ties I filter,

Like sand running through my fingers

What is left, is what matters

And if nothing, so be it!

I found the light lives in me

And I am the light itself

The answer to all my seeking,

Was found in my inner well

by Anita Atina

Comments (2)

Nice poem. If we want more freedom we must give it to ourselves.
Beautiful poem this Anita a poem of personal liberation and all that goes with it great work