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Poem By Purnel Collicott

Planning is a good thing ­
a most essential part ­
But somewhere along the line,
you must get to work and make a start.
It ain't your good intentions,
or grand plands along the way ­
What really makes a difference,
is what you do each day. It ain't what others think ­
what counts is how you feel,
And what you can do today,
may finally seal the deal.
The ones that get the job done,
are the ones that plug away,
And make a little progress,
doing what they can each day. The mistakes of yesterday,
should no longer make you cry ­
If you want to get the job done right,
give it another try.
(What happened in the past,
is not that big a deal ­
Water passed on downstream,
will no longer turn the wheel.) Remeber the old saying:
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"
You've got to make the effort,
if your goal will be attained.
So, learn from your mistakes,
and move right on along ­
You may have to try and try, and try again,
if success will be you song!

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