Persian Blues!

That dog next door gets on one's wick! He's just so juvenile...
He's thrilled to bits to chase a stick - he only stops to smile...
They've got him running all day long! They think he's so sublime!
'Gosh, Fido's cute! Gosh, Fido's strong! He's really in his prime! '
This used to be a quiet street - till 'floppy ears' moved in!
Now all I hear is floppy feet that run and make a din!
One likes one's rest! One really does! One doesn't need his sort!
One treasures calm instead of fuss! He doesn't spare a thought!
How can one sleep when he's around? He barks the whole day through!
Fat Fido's just a common hound, while I'm a Persian blue!
One likes to be a cultured cat surrounded by one's peers...
Instead of which, one's on one's mat, nerves jangling, full of fears!
One's whiskers twitch with every bark with bloodshot eyes to boot!
One used to snooze till almost dark, now life's one constant hoot!
It's Fido this and Fido that! When will this Fido rest?
One likes to be a cultured cat, but F. F. Fido, you're a pest!

by Denis Martindale

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