Poem By Lexi Spencer


Verse 1: I wrote in my journal this morning, before
I got ready to run and go, I wrote about how I loved
ya, and I just wanted to let you know...

Chorus: I'm not personal anymore, I'll let you know
anything you wanna know! My heart used to keep
everything buried deep, but now, I let it go. I let
it go!

Verse 2: I was ready to run, to warn you. About the
terrible they would do. But I couldn't get there fast
enough and that's when I lost you!

Chorus 1X

My heart let it go, out into the open sky. Let it drift,
then kept my head asking it why. Why my heart let
go, of all the things I used to know. Whyyy-aye-aye-aye?
Whyyyy-aye-aye-aye? Mmmm, why-aye-aye-aye.
Ohhhhh, why-aye-aye-aye. Whyyyyyyy? ? ? ?

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Ooo, whoaaaa, yea
(we've all felt it! , uh-huh!)
It's burnin me up
Into the flay-ay-ay-aymes