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LF (12/30/88 / tulare, ca)

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No not another poem. not even something remotely down. Lets just say its something that needs to be cleared up. So this is all about me.

I'm not going to lie just to make things easier. I've learned it does nothing but make disapointments. I might act like I don't care for getting close but its my way of protecting my-self; no one else to fault but my own. I really hate that people think I'm a push over cause its not true. I like giving, unlike some, it really does make me happy. I want to be close but I've been told I can be intimidating. All honesty, if thats what they think its cause they didn't try hard enough. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Yes, I can be hard-headed but who isn't. I'll say what I think is right. but more or less keep it to my-self. The number one thing is family. Someone who can turn their back on that has problems. Yes, I'm old-fashioned but not THAT old, lol. I love laughing. Matter of fact, I can laugh a problem away. I don't let things get to me.

If someone asked me what I was afraid of it would be of getting close then having them change their minds or worse. More or less, the 'L' word really gets to me. but not the easy way. I won't say how my lifes story is unless asked and more or less i'll try the short verison of things.

I've alot of personal problems, trying my best to sort things out. I've alot of walls that could build houses for ten people. I don't do well with feelings, hate crying. I act tough but if u read things i write they all come to one thing. Someone whos lost.

I don't want someone who thinks they can save me cause i don't need that. just.....................someone who'll try to know me first.

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