Personal Christian Testimony By Mario William Vitale

My Personal Testimony As A Christian:
I came to know Jesus Christ in 1979 at the P.T.L Club in Charlotte, N.C.
was baptized by their pool by brother Anthony.
Had the opportunity to meet Jim & Tammy Faye Baker there.
Growth for me as a Christian took time I went to various Pentecostal Churches that were spreading the world of God.
I always read from the King James Version of the bible.
Since 1989 I have written more then 1,000 poems and two short stories featured on line.
Many years would pass having every reason to grasp the true message of the gospel.
I decided to enter the New England School of The Bible in 1996 studied under very good teaching by Pastor Townsley.
A few years later I drifted away back to alcohol & drugs.
Then I repented in 2007 and joined the Wolcott Christian Life Center.
It was there I discovered the 12 steps of Christianity & prison ministry.
I went to Manson Prison unit in Cheshire Ct to spread the word of Christ there.
That brings me up to today in which I'm a practicing Charismatic Catholic at St. Michaels Church in Waterbury, Ct under the pastoral care of Rev. Labarda.
Jesus Christ to me is the true essence of life. He's my love the reason I get up in the morning.
I share with others daily the true message of the gospel message which is Christ in you the hope of glory.
My life verse is II Corinthians 10 vs 3-6.
Thank you for the opportunity in sharing my personal testimony with you all.
In Christ,

Poet Mario William Vitale

by John Ackerman

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Personal testimony shared here is basing on memory and experiences. An amazing poem is shared here really.10