JA (11/30/87 / Oklahoma)

Personal Hell

I live in my own personal hell
the fate I have lived and have to tell
are locked away within myself...

I avoid conflict at any cost
but for some reason it seems im always tossed
amongst the fray and in an array of pain and torture.
My personal hell destroy's me within
leaving my readers to sit back and cringe
but while I am on my own binge
maybe I should allow you to see
what has truely happened to me...

I have been stabbed in the back
many a time
so much as to admit it should be a crime
but this pain I hold and claim is all mine
is something caused by me
giving me no chance to give a plea.
I have hurt the people around me enough to see
that some of them could find glee if they were to no longer see me.
Therefore I flee to a place you shall see
where everything is dark and gloomy.
Things loom in this darkness waiting to feed,
just let them get a taste of poor little me...

While they feed
I think back on all my bad deeds
wishing to be free
of the personal hell trapped inside me...

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Very intense and powerful! A great write! ! ! ~~Elya Thorn~~