Personal Prison (Sad)

Poem By Poet of the River

Inside your cage you let out a sigh,
Forced out by the hollowness of nothing to do.
Looking out through the bars as the world passes you by,
Awaiting judgment to befall you,
And cease your mournful cry.

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The mind is a powerful thing is the first thing i thought after reading. Can't really find happiness unless you expect it first. Another good one

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They say life is a winding road with many paths to take.
But no matter how many paths I choose,
It's always a dead end,
I have to retrace my steps to find my mistake.

As The Hours Tick By.. (Sad)

Smile and sigh,
Laugh and cry,
Let loose a single tear.

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If life is a game,
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Oh how I am like a stone.
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The ocean waves help make this real.

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We are all hurt in life.
They say that pain lessons over time,
but that pain never truly fades.
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