Personal Reasoning

Let's get one thing straight.
Without debating over it.
Where and what,
Do you believe I've been doing...
For the past fifty years?
Roasting marshmellows?
At some boy scout camp on weekends?
And don't give me that look,
As if you are thinking about it.

I don't know about you,
But there was a lot of growing up I had to do.
With plenty of 'alone' time spent,
Knocking my head against walls of plaster.
After learning not to do that,
Against those made of cement.
And I certainly was not gossiping to argue,
Over unchanging events to prioritize.
For the past fifty years and more I've lived life.

Excuse me.
I just knocked on your door to say,
You left your keys in the door.
Did you intend them to stay that way? '

I was just on my way out.

'I apologize.
You and your company,
Were talking so loudly...
That's why I was knocking as hard as I was.'

I don't have any company.
I was...
I was doing some personal reasoning.

'I see.
Do you do this often? '

Only when I try to convince myself,
68 is not old.

'It really isn't.
I thought I heard you say,
'You' were 50?
When I turned 50?
I caught myself whispering.
AND to myself.
Needless to say...
I'm not looking forward to being 68 at all.'

Thank you.
I'll take my keys now.

'Should I shut the door?
Is this part of your 'personal reasoning' process?
You know...
I remember one time,
When I couldn't find my keys.
I blamed it on my pet dog I use to have.
I think that was the last time I actually yelled.
And I haven't seen him since.'

Thank you.
I'll take my keys now.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Brilliant job..............liked much..Thanks! !