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AK Anne Kaye ( / Digby, Canada)


Across the room I watch the drama
of a presence, blossom and unfold,
to warm this place with inner glow;
A shining radiance that fills my heart.
While within this magic circle
I am drawn like all others
by a magnetism I cannot describe.
And I wonder, yes, I wonder
Why is this so?
For when she smiles, it's like a sunrise
and she needs no piper's music
to make the children follow.
The music is the magic of her smile.
As for me, I can only wonder
why I'm bound to this bright spell;
but I know it's something different,
elusive, rare and wonderful.
Could it be a spirit's fire
lit by someone long ago?
Like a shining flame eternal
that will never, never die?

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