Personally Felt

Pain personally felt,
Is too difficult to console.
Especially when those,
Accustomed to inflicting it...
Discover themselves,
Being chased by their own wickedness.

Anguish and suffering,
Coming to be done to them to leave...
Is the result of creating,
More enemies by kept beliefs...
That what is initiated to another to do,
Will cease and not increase more conflicts.

'Mama, why you putting on your combat boots? '

~I've run out of cheeks to turn.
And your daddy has refused to use his.
Smiling no longer returns to me benefits.
And I'm hoping Our Father forgives.~

'Daddy is 'your' daddy too, mama? '

~Just help me put the food I cooked,
Into the car.
One day you will come to understand,
What weapons to use to end arguments.
With it understood,
How to dress to leave the best impression.
And be careful carrying those Blueberry Pies.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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