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Sunday Sun Poem

Akhnaten, not knowing scripture, there
Being cuneiform versions
And all...Epics, Gilgamesh-that crew,
Plus the chinese Phang Bu's
(Flood-one of a kind, you know)
Just rerouted the Sun to the
Middle of the desert-Amarna-and
Snubbed Ra, Ma'at, and Phat.

Sun was One, Sun was only, and
Sun was Spirit too.
Didn't do too well in that ancient
Of Dynasty...
Archeologists twirl hats and drone.

Then again, Akhnaten was only a
What do pagans know?

But, dying old, looked through
His royal windows, to the
Long shadow of an Ankh
On a far hill...

That cross of the sun...
Closed his eyes to History,
Opened them to Heaven,
Unknown as yet.

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a wonderful poem of the need to learn and to go back to the basics so that all people can live in harmony? ...........well written Loke
Thank you Dr, your comment is much appreciated.
It's a fabulous poem! Wonderful poetic imagination! I liked the opening stanza most! ...When I went to bed last night I dreamed I was a worm/Beneath the ground in fertile soil happily I did roam/In a world where there was no caste, class or creed/Devoid of wicked deeds or sinister thoughts to breed.....i call this a beautiful piece of poetry!
Magnificent poem, Loke. It has a certain quality. I can't describe it, but this really reminds me of William Blake's A Dream. Well done.
This is such a fantastic poem...Wisdom-filled. Left me thinking about a lot of things in lofty ideals..Thank you for sharing this poem to us...10+++++++++++++
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