It remains amazing.
Although not distant,
From reality to disbelieve.
What those who have things.
And money can do.
And attention getters too.

Like magicians they can tease.
With their baubles to dangle.
Adorned with bangles and beads.
Mingle and associate with top notch socialites.
As they gather to talk about themselves.
And charities to name.
Favored to most feed an ego.
Craving this to appetite.

Brag some of them do.
About their philanthropic deeds.
And 'anonymous' donations.
Nonprofit organizations from them receive.
To later request,
A confirmation of acceptance.

Together they seem unable,
To prevent a downsliding of a quality of life.
Blame to claim on others,
Too poor to afford yachts to dock.
Near whatever island in their sight.
Yet convincing they are,
While sipping on champagne and expensive caviar.
What is best for those with much less.
And little left for themselves to possess.
Since many who have obtained,
Their maintained high life to live.
Did it on the down low.
Choosing theft and deception.
Done to do,
As perception of an entitlement.
To themselves given to pillage.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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