Perumaal 61-66

61 Self manifested where sacred Thee art
Valmiki where visioned Thine Neervannan
Despite moating rain diligent Mangai where visioned Thee
Animamalarmangai where with Thee bestowing
To Thou abode that of Thiruneermalai
That accolades Neervannan, Neermukhilvannan, Ranganathan
Hey ShantaNarasimha, Thrivikrama, vision, I surrender

62 A girl per day where married Thee of Kaalavarishi
Three hundred and sixty girls in a year after
Compended then where as one Lakshmi
Where with Komalavalli Thee blessing
To Thou abode that of Thiruvidanthai
That atones where of Bali's killing of Devas
Hey LakshmiVaraha, Nithyakalyana, vision, I surrender

63 His path for ParamapadaNatha ocean-blockaded
Pundarika's devout folly where of hand-dredging ocean
Thee rushed where to bless, then to embed there on
Nilamangai where with Thee gracing
To Thou abode that of Thirukadanmallai(Mamallapuram)
That bore Thine child Bhuthathalwar
Hey Sthalasayana, vision.I surrender

64 RishiVamadeva where with saptha-rishis
To vision Thine Narasimha longed like Vishvamitra
As for Vishvamitra where Thee blessed in one kadikai
Where with Amrithavalli Thee favouring
To Thou abode that of Cholasimmapuram(Thirukadikai)
That is honoured with Thine Yoga Anjaneya
Hey YogaNarasimha, vision.I surrender

65 His craving piety where for more lotuses
Gajendra got where Lakshmi's share too
Blessed him then where Thee with Lakshmi worshipped
Malarmelmangai where with Thee bestowing
To Thou abode that of Thirunavaay
That breathe Thine fragrance nine yogis
Hey Navaay Mukunda, Narayana, vision, I surrender

66 Serene river Neela where Pandavas captured of
Stayed on where to worship Thine Vishnu
Ambarisha's Paramapadanathas where erstwhile encircled
Where with Padmasini Thee blessing
To Thou abode that of Thiruvithuvakkodu
That decrees Thine Kulasekhara's devotion
Hey Abhayaprada, vision, I surrender

by Indira Renganathan

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