Pessimism And Optimism!

Constant negative thinking makes one a pessimist
To live under the control of fear in world life;
Peace of mind never seems to be achieved in their
Life making them which one to believe and not..!

Positive thinking based on vision makes one optimist
To live a confident life with hope to achieve all;
Joy, peace and freedom they only can enjoy forever
Despite hurdles they may have to face in the world!

For a good life, good education, friends, enough
Money, interesting job and favourable govt. are
Needed so that pessimism and optimism have no chance
To oscillate in one's life, long or short here...!

Pessimism and optimism are one's state of mind only
Based on the conviction one has in the course of life!

by Ramesh T A

Comments (2)

Yes! I could not agree with you more. I admire you both as fellow poet, and life's philosophy. I posted & pinned your awesome poem to share with the rest of the poetic community.
To live under control of fear is painful as constant negative thinking makes one a pessimist. This provokes thought. This is true and nice that positive thinking based on vision makes one optimist. A nice poem is very well penned and presented.10