Tis lovely that you embrace
my finger.
I enjoy how much
you are wrapped around it.

I point
and you obey.
I stare
and you glare.

Fetch me this, fetch me that
and I may love you.
Don't cry, love.
I try to be as cruel as possible.

Use and abuse.
That's my motto.
You're my lover in the dark
and my slave at dawn.

I have some respect
and some regret.
Tis harm to my heart
if you leave.

Maybe there is something
that ails me?
Or do you
love this?

At the end of the day,
you know that you
are still loved.
Can't you tell
by the way I stroke you?

Written: April 7,2007 3: 15 AM

by Melissa Hurst

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