Poem By Bhaswat Chakraborty


I am a little petal of hue and smell
I am gorgeous you can tell
Tremble do I with a heart so blithe
And dance so good with a shank so lithe


I woke up in the sun so bright
At the smell of rays o’ light
Could my stalk not hold me down
I spurt to wear my rightful crown


We love the buzz of mystic bee
An ascetic lost in playful glee
Lo, how he loses his heart in us
Try that you too hey gloomy gus!


Blossom I am in the hey days
Big and bountiful spread as blaze
My glamour lights up the environs dull
A band of mirth breaks laze and lull


I have admissions but a few
I can take a sun or gale anew
From the rough touch I can trot
I can face honey hunters a lot
(But) I do bend by the weight of dew
I do shake near the time of adieu

Comments about Petals

very beautifully written poem.i am feeling garden and morning bliss around me
Very good! ! ! ! The rhyme scheme was good aswell. It was beautifully worded.
Petals of any flower in a garden is soft to the touch and look lovely when exposed to the gentle morning sun rays displaying their loveliness to honey hunters. I love the rhyming and were carefully chosen. Thumbs up.
This poem is a rose among the thorns. I love your style 10+++++
Interesting, the life of a flower.: ] Very pretty +10

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