Petals Of Passion

Her breast smashed into my chest
Her warm lips nibbled my ears
Shyness was never an adjective that could be attributed to her
Contradicting fight started brewing inside my brain
Part of my brain controlled by moral values
Was dethroned and made to kneel in front of her voluptuous body
My toppled pride breathed last under her feet
My threshold of tolerance was compromised beyond the chance to retaliate
My emotions erupted like the music emanating to the strokes of maestro's baton
I locked my morals in a deep dungeon of my heart and threw the key away
My hands and legs blindly followed as an obedient pupil to his master
When our lips locked the spinning inside my head accelerated
Pearls of Sweat blossomed all over her sublime skin
A lustful electric pulse shot through my veins
My eyes blurred while my heart beats fluctuated erratically
My brain cells captured every frame of our wildest night
And flashed in front of my eyes every so often
Hijacks my conscious to an other world
The world where her face is painted in every color
Where mountains echoed her name

by Harish Mudaliar

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