Neoliberal Globalization

The dollar's been high so long,
we no longer put wine in glass made here,
but export it in bulk
and have it bottled where it's drunk.

If the dollar keeps getting stronger
it soon won't be worth it any longer
to make bottles for our favorite here
and we'll import bottles for bottling beer.

Both of these export foul air
made in the making of glass.

The first makes the user pay
and has class, I'd say,
like the captain
going down with the ship.

The second has pride,
as the user thinks
we have longer than we possibly can
before the whole world irrevocably sinks.

by Douglas Scotney

Comments (3)

This is a sad story...knowing your poetry I was waiting for Peter to kiss a girl or something...=) But it kept my interest until the end. Good poem!
...and a sad one, as all of it is absolutely true. Peter went away and Mielke got away.
An Interesting story