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Peter Pan

You are a constellation in my night sky
Guiding me home
Straight from the North Star
Until morning
Peter Pan can keep his Never Land
I want to grow old with you
Know the lines on your face
Your balding head
Your growing belly
You would always be beautiful
If your eyes always sparkled
For they are the brightest in your constellation
I can map any point on earth through them
They never lie, even if your lips do
You could never lose your shadow
For I am she
And I would never run from you, or play games with you
But I think you are still a little boy
And when you come to my window
You don’t like the idea of growing old
I can see you, straining to fly
But that only happens in fairy tales
I can’t promise to be young forever
But the tales of our youth will last a lifetime
Even stars die
Wherever you are, whatever you are
I will be your Wendy,
I hold the secrets to beating Hook
And the reasons for growing up
What you want from me I can give you
But I promise you the second will be
The only thing that ever satisfies you in this lifetime
And I will be here,
Waiting for your return
My window open
To your childish world
For when the stars need a place
To fall in their last descent
I. Will. Be. Here.


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I love this! So heartfelt and delivered with a constant narrative battle between vulnerability and inner strength. I hope, whoever he is, he knows you love him so much! !