she signs
every one
comes down the pike

her own children
look for signs of life
signs of love

having eschewed
the church of the outstretched hand,
the promises,
the requests to touch
the untouchables
with the other hand...
full of the same promises

she travels
the many reams removed
cause cause causeway...signing, signing
the same road,
the same paving stones...
buying a way to grace, giving until it is painful...exquisite?
touching no one never touch ever no one no one no two
no one...

the safety of removal and
its imitators..of a cloth, hole-ier than the shroud that'll wrap her in a peace
she almost knows in some dreams

pieces of those dreams drift
her daylight
her eyes,
a moment
...back to focus
the walls
inherited wealth have festooned...the shiny things...she may touch them....

certainly there's more to it....consider this a snapshot...less than a portrait...

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