Petty Pushers

Dirt diggers in the midst.
With a maliciousness unresisted.
Whisper they drift to and fro.
Stirring up rumors wherever they go!

Petty pushers with time on their hands...
Destroying reputations to smear on command.
Enjoying degradation with sensational accusations!
In cloak and dagger masquerades.
Adorned in disguises as they charade.

Twisting truths and on the pursuit to defame.
To magnify indignities,
In a game to distort.
And bring those of goodwill to needless shame.
With good intentions they scatter about to abort!
To gain from the unconscious their support!

Petty pushers and peeping toms.
Gathering information to bring the innocent harm!
With ambitions to solicit filth.
And bilking those nonthinking...
With their brand of kindred minded,
Slickened sickened ilk!

'Are you sure this is the speech,
You wish to deliver to the community activists?
There are undertones of anger about it! '

You're right!
I'll change the line, '...and bilking those nonthinking! '
I wouldn't want to offend anyone!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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