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Ph: Aging: Old People, Like Treasure...
Brian Johnston (Jan.20,1943 / Oklahoma)

Ph: Aging: Old People, Like Treasure...

Old people, like treasure, don't come empty handed,
Their time here, their wisdom, like gold on display,
An empathic spirit who mines without stealing,
Will find that there's much to be taken away.

Old people's allegiance cannot be disbanded,
No man can their keen sense of friendship allay,
Their smile is as guileless as sun escorts day's light,
Their long goodbye hug, soft as evening holds night.

Becalmed now their ship, with old people in harbor,
Await a kind word, a sea breeze to set sail,
Rise up with the tide, life now squeezed between bookends
Embracing each day as fate's journey appends.

For most weeks the high point, a trip to the barber,
With few expectations they wait for their mail,
If their dreams awaken be certain to take care,
If you're not that healthy best sit in a chair!

Their wisdom of years is where lies the true treasure,
If you're very lucky you'll get your reward,
A smart supplicant can just open his heart there,
With oracles no one can tell what they'll share.

A promise to call you, a kiss for good measure,
Is your ticket back, though your skiff now is shored,
Aladdin's lost treasure, admission to dream's vault,
And there's only God to thank, Love to exalt.

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Comments (5)

A insighful poem filled with nugget of wisdom. Thanks for sharing great poem
you wrote a poem on a wonderful theme, , , instead of the rhymes , , i liked the way you wrote those lines, , with miniscule details, , what a lovely way too write a poem, , ,
Well composed, a clear display of experience. Brian never fails to ginger his poems with that delightful rhymes which accompanies his message. Indeed the wisdom of the grown ups cannot be overemphasized.well done!
You have eloquently called for the wisdom of the old, to be treated more as treasure and gold. Society needs to turn away from it's often ageist values to respecting the elderly more, particularly in healthcare.
Old is gold. Gold is always precious more than any precious gem. Loved the line - Their smile is as guileless as sun escorts day's light, Their long goodbye hug, soft as evening holds night. Thanks for sharing. Regards.