(Jan.20,1943 / Oklahoma)

Where For Our Love I Have Got Great Hope (Italian Sonnet)

Where for our love I have got great hope
while a moment becomes full of power
that acts transitory during a single hour,
where all of my life is in destiny's scope,

tying me to reality, you are my only rope,
even if the storm rages and do me shower
you are against all of this like a tower,
the one that finds the way against the slope,

where you do act with faith and amazing grace
and any kind of thing with you I can discuss,
even if people are acting by their ill will,
you are with me in any time and at any place
while I do constantly pray for both of us,
that our world would be tranquil and still.

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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