John Pepper Clark (The Casualties)

Poem By African Poems

Everyone's life

Everyone's life's really tragic it seems,
There's just not time friend to live all our dreams.
While you may try to keep stiff upper lip,
Gravity's plotting to just sink your ship!

Wonder why some people's face sports a frown?
Most of our trains never get out of town
Yes, there are those with bright lives that seem charmed
(Living in fenced fear, their houses alarmed!)

Our fullest flower's the fruit of all breath
Blossoms revealed as harbinger of death
Our seed the key to mortality's curse
Our blood the oil for humanity's hearse.

Einstein's reality always a lie*
Truth(s) we are seeking in quite short supply
Death is an area most think is real
Candidate surely for concept puerile!

When we are sure that the opposite's true
Death's unreality comes into view!
Credible evidence that soul exists.
Vanity skewered by what it resists.

Poetry can't prove that man's soul is real,
Satan's best plot not a single soul steal,
Your darkest moment when love hides its face
God's possibility blows up the place!

Comments about John Pepper Clark (The Casualties)

an excellent poem i GIVE THIS A 10 + ENJOYED
This poem previously was rated at 2 votes for an 8.5 average prior to Merov's recent 1.0 vote. But I am so enthralled with Merov's judging skills that I am awarding my own poem 3 ratings of 10.0. For Merov to give me a 1.0 clearly means that the other two voters were less skilled in thier judgment.
ok BJ, even though i'm in PA at the moment I've taken my valuable time (or is that an illusion?) to completely read poem and note. of course the rhyming is nice. the message is interesting. why don't I, rather than elephants, have stealth vocal communication ability. what besides man does the elephant have in the way of predators to hide from? ? maybe I should seek out a course to teach me sub-20-hertz (or is that 'hurts'?) my wife can't locate me when i'm yelling at her. thanks for sharing. offline soon again. :) bri
Let me first of all applaud you for this wonderful piece of work. As a matter of fact, your note on this poem is as philosophical as the poem itself. You have really put much effort into this one. Frankly, your poem is illuminating as it has greatly enlightened me on the issue of immortality of the soul. Indeed, the issue of reality has been well elaborated and philosophically crafted. I really like this one. Good job!

3,3 out of 5
3 total ratings

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